Home Economy Can money bring happiness? Read reaction from Governor Okowa’s aide

Can money bring happiness? Read reaction from Governor Okowa’s aide

Can money bring happiness? Read reaction from Governor Okowa’s aide

The Special Assistant on Special Duties media to the Delta State Governor and Youth’s Ambassador Ossai Ovie Success has taken to his social media accounts to explain why he said “money shouldn’t be your goal.”

Ossai, who has been on the news over his post “MONEY IS NOT HAPPINESS, MONEY SHOULDN’T BE YOUR GOAL” explained that the worship of money by this present generation needed to be discouraged.

This is coming after thousands of Nigerians lambasted the governor’s aide Ossai for kicking against love for money.

According to Ossai, his intention wasn’t to discourage Nigerians from making money but to enlighten them on the need not to place money above humanity.

“The truth is that money is important but money is not happiness and there is need for us as people not to make money our goal in life.

“The moment you start making money your priority then you lose the focus on humanity.

“The way money is being worshipped has increased crime rate in our society.

“Today you see countless numbers of our People

“Success by my definition is not measured by how wealthy you are or the amount of money you have in the bank, it is simply the achievement of your desired goal or goals in life.

“There are people who have attained certain level of education but are not wealthy yet they are happy because of the fulfillment in them.

“I know we all need money for everything from fulfilling basic survival needs to realizing our wildest dreams. But making money shouldn’t be the only general goal in life and overshadow everything else we have.

“Happiness can never be measured with the amount of money in your possession

“The idea of success that many young Nigerians have today is that which is measured by having lots of money. We shouldn’t have this mentality.

Speaking further, Ossai said “It is important to make sure that we have something in our life that is as important as our business or career so that there is at least one other source of positive affirmation.

“We must look beyond money and focus on humanity

“As a people we have to change the narrative by preaching about service to humanity instead of focusing our mind on money

“Today a lot of our people who once focused on money are currently using drugs or alcohol as relaxation mechanism which is totally unacceptable.

“We need focus our attention on Values ​​and goals that are not related to making money,” he said.