Delta guber poll: First guber candidate to react to results from governorship election

After a gruelling campaign and consultations, I finally settled in my home town to cast my vote for the governorship and House of Assembly election. It was interesting to watch how the parties were sharing a paltry N2000 naira to the local innocent old men, women and very young people under the supervision of schooled young men and women.

I was told to share money so that I can win my units, I vehemently declined but rather stayed behind to watch the vote buying process. It was interesting to see the low and shameful aspect of our voting process. All the reports from across the state were similar.

It was clear and obvious to Deltans and the world that I was the most capable, credible, knowledgeable and competent for the job of Delta state governorship.

I was generally accepted by the impoverished and downtrodden but they all became vulnerable and couldn’t resist the urge to share in the give-away on election day.

With my understanding of the situation of Delta state economy, which ever way the pendulum of victory swings, Delta is entering another four years of economic and social wilderness!

I want to thank those who sincerely supported, worked tireless with me in the cause of the campaign. We are the WINNER because we contended with the status quo and made sure we got to the finishing line. We must take pride in our doggedness and ferocious approach to issue based campaign.

The governorship debate on Arise TV gave the world a window of opportunity to see what I had for Deltans. I love my state dearly and I love my dear country Nigeria. I hope one day we can see Delta of our dream!

My official Press Statement will be released on Monday!

Comrade Sunny Ofehe