Edo2020: Tinubu, Wike, who claims Edo state? The battle just begun

The battle to claim Edo state has begun. There are major players in the game. Tinubu, the self-acclaimed godfather of democrats, the governor of Rivers state who is the lion of PDP in Nigeria, the sacked national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole and the governors of the PDP and APC.

But the major people who are dead ready in the fight are Tinubu and Wike. Tinubu is bent on claiming Edo state for the APC. He is intent on winning the state and annexing it to Lagos. He is the leader of the APC in Nigeria. He is never ready to let the state remain with the PDP. But Wike says no, the state must be claimed by the PDP so that all the South South states will be under PDP.

To him, it will be glorious if all the states in the south south are under PDP, his party. He has told the Edo PDP members and leaders that if they allow APC win Edo state, they have lost their political destiny. Hence they must do all they can to win the election today. The stage is now set for the election. Who will win the election, will it be Wike or Tinubu? Just watchout.