God will judge you for breaking another woman’s home, facebook user curses lady who dates married man

A facebook user, Mirabel Monoye, has received the bashing of her life posting that she is pregnant for a married man but later aborted the pregnancy. On reading that she was pregnant for the married man and aborted the pregnancy, one Anah Ojei said God would judge her for breaking people’s homes.

Anah Ojei replied her: “God will judge you for breaking someone home,do yuo know the pains his wife has gone through cause of you? He gives you money for your upkeep. Does he take care of his own wife? My dear remember law of karma.what ever you sow that shall you reap, expect that when you finally get married to your own husband.”

Read the post she made that ignited the assault on her.


Good afternoon sir

Please post for me sir

I was dating a married man. Everything was fine with us until I gained admission last year. He just changed he was afraid that after school I might leave him but the problem now is that during this period of COVID-19 I was pregnant and he asked me to abort the baby.

I begged him but he insisted then I told him that if I abort the baby that I will not have anything to do with him again. I only say that because I was hoping he will ask me to leave the pregnancy.

I aborted the baby. It’s up to a month now. I asked him not to call me again,he also refuses to call me because I said so.

I still love him. I just want to know may be I should continue with him or not

I have been with this man for two years now.

My parents want me to marry him

Please help me, am confused now