Indecent dressing cause of rape? Read reaction from popular celebrity

As Nigerians react to the rape saga in Nigeria, a prominent celebrity in Nigeria, Yul Edochie, has added his voice to the issue making wave in the country.

There have been divergent views over reasons why men rape young ladies and children. Some have said it is due to indecent dressing by ladies while others said it is not connected to indecent dressing but that it is in the nature of those men to rape young ladies and children.

But Yul Edochie said as far as he does not encourage indecent dressing among ladies, it is not enough reason to rape a lady.


“I do not encourage indecent dressing.

But no matter how indecently dressed she is, guy it’s not an invitation for rape.

If you both agreed on pay as you go, you pay, she no wan give you, get your money back through non-violent means.

Do not touch her.

There’s no excuse for rape.”

Many young girls and children have been badly abused by relations, friends, men and even fathers of little girls who have endured the trauma of rape over the years.

Some are calling for castration of rape convicts while others are calling for life imprisonment as the best option.