Home Special Report Pastor Kumuyi stirs up hearts at Deeper Life Youth Success Camp

Pastor Kumuyi stirs up hearts at Deeper Life Youth Success Camp

Pastor Kumuyi stirs up hearts at Deeper Life Youth Success Camp

Pastor William Kumuyi, the general superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has urged youths to be steadfast in their decision to serve God while maintaining their conviction. He made the admonition during the 2020 National Youth Success Camp.

Pastor Kumuyi spoke on different topics, ranging from “The Miracle of Increase, The All Sufficient Name of Jesus,  The New Beneficiaries of the Old Inexhaustible Provision, and others.

The youth success camp was held in small groups across the nation due to the COVID-19 challenge in the country. The church leadership organised the programme in a way that the COVID-19 protocols could be followed in all the centres across Nigeria.

The youths were divided into smaller units and it was a wonderful event. Again, rather than camping as it was in previous years, the youths were not made to camp. The programme ran from morning till evening and the youths were made to go home and return the following day.

In the success meeting with the theme: “Unlocking Your Potentials”, the youths were drilled on success principles that could launch them into deeper experience with Christ and strategies to make progress in their chosen careers.

The principles taught include those that could help them become better in life, succeed in their academic pursuit, help them become better in their social relations with their peers and community people where they live.

They were also taught how to become great professionals and for those outside the school environment, the programme made provisions for vocational youths where issues like “Developing Your Skills in the use of computers and Business Opportunities using mobile devices were taught.

The youths were also drilled on the future of work in the era of digital transformation. This area dwelt on how to succeed amidst explosion of information and how to use digital devices to earn living for oneself.

A section was also devoted to the consequences of making choices in life. Topics treated here include “Choosing Like the Wise and Life Choices, Life lessons. The teachers exposed to the youths the consequences of choice in life. They were advised to make right decisions so as to get better life and enjoy the blessings of God.

The Delta state overseer, Pastor Pius Idume, spoke on the topic: “From Grace to Godliness and Greatness and Turning Adversity to Advantage. He encouraged the youths to depend on God as challenges in their lives which may seem insurmountable at the moment could be reversed through the power of God.

In all, the event ended on a good note. The melodious songs from the choir, the dexterous hands of the organists, the unity among the youths, the heart rending prayers that were made and the critical thinking sessions were all inspiring.

Many of the youths who left their homes empty returned full because they had met with God. They were inspired and stirred up to know that they have a future and they must remain steadfast and devoted to God to get that future dream of theirs achieved.