Home Politics REVEALED: Wike’s men, impeached assembly speaker allegedly regroup in Abuja, move to cause further chaos in Rivers

REVEALED: Wike’s men, impeached assembly speaker allegedly regroup in Abuja, move to cause further chaos in Rivers

REVEALED: Wike’s men, impeached assembly speaker allegedly regroup in Abuja, move to cause further chaos in Rivers

The former Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Martins Chike Amaewhule is treading a dangerous path of illegality to suit his political father, the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike to further cause unrest in Rivers state.

Fortnight ago, he played Brutus by conniving with some members of the State House of Assembly to unlawfully suspend the Leader of the house, Rt. Hon Edison Ehie for reasons that could only be found in the sky.

He suspiciously carried out the act to pave way for the illegal and barbaric plans being made for the impeachment of the ebullient Governor Siminalaya Fubara orchestrated by Chief Wike. This was a clear violation of our democratic principles and to further escalate the already high political tension in our state.

What is even more concerning is Martins Chike Amaewhule’s recent actions, which demonstrated a clear show of insubordination towards Governor Fubara and total disrespect for the democratic process.

He led some members of the Assembly out of Rivers State, claiming they are attending a 2 days refresher seminar in Abuja, a program they suddenly invented after their original plan to impeach the young at heart, bridge between the old young Governor failed!.

The simple question is who is funding this seminar at this time when efforts should be placed on genuine reconciliation and peaceful governance. This latest move is nothing but to undermine the governor’s simplicity and authority so that they can further hatch the nefarious, self seeking adventure to the detriment of Rivers people which is the exercise to control the legislative body unlawfully coined as STRUCTURE in the figment of their imaginations.

Such an unhealthy voyage only deepens the divides in our dear state and hinders the progress and development that our state desperately needs. We must emphasize the importance of respecting the rule of law and fostering a harmonious relationship between the executive and legislative arms of government.

Only through collaboration and mutual understanding can we effectively address the challenges and concerns of our state.
Information at our disposal reveals that there is a grand plan for the assembly members to seat somewhere in Abuja to commence and perfect the impeachment process of Governor Fubara- that the silver maze will be sprayed with gold colour….And they will later be led by Chief Wike to meet with our President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu whose democratic ethos are against unlawful Impeachment.

The Deputy Governor, beProf. Ngozi Odu is to be forced to resign upon successful impeachment of Gov Fubara. This is a day dreaming venture. All these illegal processes are merely plans to install Rt Hon Martins Chike Amaewhule as the Governor of Rivers State which the Rivers people are already revolting against.

Crowning the commencement of Wike’s third term agenda!, from Wike to Amaewhule will be the most insensitive transition in Brick House (all of Obiakpor LGA). Wike has already done the needful divinely for which posterity will remain in encomiums for him. But to unsettle it is to test God’s divinity!

Rivers people are urged to remain vigilant and stay informed about the ongoing situation. They must stand against further attempts to undermine our democratic system and work towards a transparent and accountable governance that truly serves the interests of the people, remain committed to upholding the values of democracy in the state.

According to Mr Mieshack Alaputa Jaja, an ilustrious son of Opobo, “Let them remain assembly members in Abuja state, Rivers people will activate a legal process for them. You can’t do evil, and be wise,” he added.