Rwanda scientists develop 5 robots to combat coronavirus pandemic (see how it works)

One Samuel Aboki, a follower on LinkedIn has posted that Rwanda, a country in Africa, is using robots to attend to coronavirus patients in the country.

In the post, he said five hundred robots have been delivered to the country.

He said the robots will be used to assist in coronavirus screening, delivery of food and drugs to patients as well as act as video conferencing links between patients and doctors.

Rwanda, a country with only 12 million people and situated in the Eastern fringe of Africa, has decided to employ the services of robots in the war against the deadly coronavirus.

With the use of the robots, there will be minimal risk of infections among health care workers in the country.

The five robots have names Akazuba, Ikirezi, Mwiza, Ngabo, and Urumuri. The health ministry said the robots will undertake temperature check, keep medical records of patients and others

According to the ministry, the robots are products of high technology and they can screen 50 to 150 persons in one minute.

The East African country is said to have recorded only 308 cases with exact figure of recoveries.

This is even as Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa has recorded a total of 8068 confirmed cases with 233 deaths.