Those who are fighting Tinubu do not know what they are doing – Former militant leader

A former militant leader and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Bayelsa State, Pastor Reuben Wilson, on Thursday, said that despite attacks on the president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu by members of the opposition, he will keep his promises to turn things around in the country.

Saying that he decided to stake his name, integrity and resources in the campaign for Tinubu across the entire south-south, Wilson, who was the region’s coordinator of The Asiwaju Group, TAG, said Nigerians owed Tinubu the duty to pray for and support him.

He said considering what Tinubu did while serving as governor in Lagos State, he was confident that the APC national leader will do much more for the entire country.
In a statement, the former militant leader said that “I know Asiwaju. I am student of his politics. As a graduate of political science, I know what I am talking about. I took time to study the man and his politics before I decided to invest my time and money in campaigning for him.
“There is no part of the south-south that I did not go to in the course of the campaigns. I spent my own money and mobilized support for him because I know that he is sincere and capable and can lead Nigeria well.
“Those who are fighting him do not know what they are doing. I just pray that their eyes will be open for them to see what I have seen in Tinubu. He has the capacity and is very well able. Tinubu will not fail this country, believe me.”

On Tinubu’s recent return from his trip abroad, he said: “I was happy when I saw our president-elect alight from the lane and touched the Nigerian soil. Before now, people had said that Tinubu was very sick and would not be able to come back to assume duties as president.