Warri South West: Isaba Kingdom Writes Oborevwori, PDP, Okowa, Demands Council Chairmanship

The people of Isaba Kingdom, Warri South-West Local Government Area of Delta state have appealed to the Governor of Delta State, Governor Sheriff Obovrevwori, the Peoples Democratic party, PDP chairman, Barr. Kingsley Esiso and the immediate past governor of the state, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa to consider them for the council chairmanship position

The people of kingdom told journalists that it is their turn to produce the local government chairman under the People’s Democratic party.

The kingdom made this known in a statement, signed by the central chairman, Comrade Edwin Doufa and the Secretary General Mr. Obadiah Wareseimere during a press briefing, organized in Isaba community by leaders of the community and kingdom on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

The statement reads in part, “We sincerely commend you for your developmental strides in all parts of the state, your projects are visible, laudable and tangible. On this premise, We gladly pass a vote of confidence on you, Our governor as we reaffirm our support for the M.O.R.E. Agenda.

“We are deeply pained that we have been marginalized and neglected politically for far too long. We were neglected in terms of appointments of our sons into key positions including elective positions since the creation of the LGA since 1996.

“We have been neglected in the appointment of Commissioners, Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commission Chairmanship, DGs and members of statutory Boards etc.

“This plea and cry to Save our Ward 2 is pursuant to the upcoming Local Government Election in the State.
Isaba people are humbly appealing to be allowed to produce the Warri-South-West Local Government chairman in the coming council elections.

“We are also calling on leaders who could plead on our behalf to our listening governor, hence we deemed it fit to channel this appeal through His Excellency, Former Governor of Delta State, Senator(Dr) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa and the State’s Party Chairman, Olorogun Barr. Kingsley Esiso to please look into our pleadings critically and consider an Isaba son for the LGA Chairman position.

“The Warri South-West Local Government Area is comprised of two(2) ethnic groups, the Ijaws of Gbaramatu House and Ogbe-Ijoh and Isaba House. The Itsekiris of Ugborodo and Benin River House.

“The level of lopsidedness in the political formation since the inception of Warri South-west Local Government Council is pathetic, unbearable and should be addressed urgently so that we are not edged out in the scheme of things. Even before the creation of Warri-South-west Local Government Council Area in 1996, Isaba ward as far back as in 1970’s has been denied political appointment and relevant elective offices.

“Your Excellency, the table below shows the marginalization done on the people of Isaba ward in Warri South-west Local Government Area of Delta State.

(1) HRM. Couple Oromoni. Elected Council Chairman Warri South now Warri South-West, Ogbe-Ijoh ward. 1996

(2) Chief Frank Omare P.A to Delt State Governor, Ogbe-Ijoh ward. 1999

(3) HRM. Couple Oromoni S.A to Delta State Government, Ogbe-Ijoh ward. 2OO4

(4) Chief David Pere Council Chairman Warri South-West. Ogbe-Ijoh ward. 2003, H.E Ibori led government.

(5) HRM. Couple Oromoni S.A to Delta State Government. Ogbe-ijoh ward. 2003

(6) Chief Frank Omare Senior S.A of Delta State. Ogbe-Ijoh ward. 2003

(7) Hon Frank Omare, good four (4) time Commissioner Delta state. Ogbe-ijoh ward.

(8) Hon. Frank Omare, Chairman Waste Management Board, Delta State. Ogbe-ijoh ward. 2007

(9) Hon. Sylvester Oromoni S.A on youth, Delta State Governor. Ogbe-Ijoh ward. 2011

(10) Late Hon. Rev Samuel Kenanagha Council Chairman Warri South-West. Ogbe-Ijoh ward. 2013, H.E Emmanuel Uduaghan led government.

(11) Barr Eric Omare S.A to Delta State Government. Ogbe-ijoh ward. 2015

(12) Hon. Frank Omare. DG special Program. Ogbe-Ijoh ward.

(13) Chief Boro Opudu. Chairman Delta State water ways/land security committee. Isaba ward. 2015.

(14) Hon. Ako Samuel. S.A to Delta state governor. Ogbe-Ijoh ward. 2015.

(15) Hon Arex Akemetubo. SSA to Delta State government. Ogbe-Ijoh ward. 2019-2023

(16) Hon Pukon Frank, SSA to Delta State Governor. Ogbe-Ijoh ward. 2022

(17) Hon. Arthur Akpodubakaye. Vice-Chairman Warri South-West. Isaba ward.

Your excellency sir, look at the analysis of your current appointment sir;

(18) Hon. Frank Omare, DG on special Duties. Ogbe-Ijoh ward.

(19) Chief Favour Izoukumor. ED DESOPADEC. Ogbe-Ijoh ward

(20) Hon. Sylvester Oromoni. SA to the Governor on Environment. Ogbe-Ijoh ward.

(21) Chief Christiana Seibiribo. S.A. to Delta State Governor. Ogbe-Ijoh ward

(22) Hon. Simeon Igbomene. S.A. to Delta State Governor. Ogbe-Ijoh ward

(23) Hon Frank Pukon. SSA. to Delta State Governor. Ogbe-Ijoh ward.

(24) Hon. Keynes Oromoni, SSA to Delta State Governor. Ogbe-Ijoh ward.

(25) Chief Boro Opudu. Delta State water-ways and land Security Chairman. Isaba ward

(26) Prince (Hon) Anderson Donokoromo. S.A to Delta State Governor. Isaba ward.

(27) Chief (Mrs) Tina Tobusi. S.A to Delta State Governor. Isaba ward.

“Sir, From the above analysis, the Isaba kingdom have not benefited enough from the political arrangment in Warri South-west local government area of Delta State.

“The Isaba people have been in full participation in the politics of Delta State, working for the party and always delivering complete votes for the Peoples Democratic Party (P.D.P) since democracy came into existence in 1999.

“Your Excellency sir, till date, there is no other party in Isaba ward, except PDP the ruling party of Delta State.

“Therefore we, the people of Isaba kingdom, solicit the cooperation of this administration of Delta state, ably led by His Excellency, Chief (Elder) Sheriff Oborevwori and his deputy to vividly look into our plight and correct this imbalance bedeviling Isaba people by making an Isaba person the Chairman of Warri South-West Local Government area.

“Your Excellency sir, we appreciate and commend you for your speedy development and your MORE agenda in the State.
Congratulations to implementing your MORE Agenda and one year in office sir”.