Home Economy Many women no longer cook food at home (Check what they have resorted to)

Many women no longer cook food at home (Check what they have resorted to)

Many women no longer cook food at home (Check what they have resorted to)

Just heard that some women no longer cook food at home. And they are married with husbands. So their husbands cannot tell them to cook food for them and their children. They take the children and husbands to restaurants, buy ready-made food, take home and eat.

I begin to wonder what job do they do at home when they no longer cook. This group of women may not also be washing clothes at home. All the clothes they use may be given to dry cleaners. And the reason I’m yet to understand. Many of these women go to restaurants and business centres, buy ready-made soup, get home and eat.

Some order food online and the food is brought to their homes without stress. They pay the delivery van and off it goes. The family eats and that serves the meal for that moment. And so, it continues for the three square meals a day. The following day the routine continues.

I also heard that a family has resorted to using takeaway plates to be eating food at home. The reason is simple. The wife is not ready to stand and wash plates while the husband who is not traditionally set for that is not in position to wash plates after eating. What do they now do? They eat using takeaway plates and dispose immediately. This is so that nobody will complain of plates to wash in the kitchen.

These are some of the issues that technology has thrown at us in society. Technology has made people, especially women to be lazy. They have washing machine at home, which some use to watch their clothes and dry. This has remove stress on the part of the woman.

People have given different reasons why women do not cook at home. Some say they do not like cooking because it consumes a lot of time. They don’t have the time to spare to cook in the kitchen for almost a hour or more. This group believes it is only competition that can make them go into cooking but not for their families.

A man, Abel Ojo, said is it only women that must cook in the house? According to him, cooking is a personal choice and not to be made compulsory for women. He said as some men do not like cooking so also some women do not like cooking. He queried, why should it be only women that must cook in the house? He said some women are workaholics and as such they have no time to spend cooking at home and washing plates after cooking.

Another man said his wife does not cook, not because she hates cooking but she does not enjoy cooking. He said he enjoys cooking at home for his wife. So, his wife has no need doing, rather she just need to warm what he has cooked in microwave and eat.

Another woman agreed that women cannot cook because they get exhausted from work. He said cooking is attached to women because they are primary caregivers.