ROTARY: Our goals, our vision as district 9141 governor reveals success achieved within one year in office


Despite the economic crunch and the rise of cost of living across Nigeria, Governor of the Rotary Club of District 9141, Mr. Emeke Utebor, on Thursday said that members of the rotary club worldwide have one major goal of giving hope to the world and showing love to people around them.

He told journalists during a press conference in Asaba, Delta state capital that members of the club are united in ensuring the happiness of people in society and doggedly alleviating the pains of communities where government presence is yet to be felt.

To this end, Mr. Utebor, flanked by other executives of the district 9141, at the state secretariat of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) revealed that the club had executed life changing projects and programmes in Delta, Bayelsa, Edo and Rivers state, the four mandate states of the district 9141 in Nigeria. He said these projects are the club’s way of showing love to society and changing living conditions of communities.

He told the journalists that one of his greatest achievements in his one year leadership of the body that will be winding up on June 30 is the unity of the club members who are proudly devoted to achieving the goal of the club and changing the fortune of people in unreached and suffering communities.

“Making the world a better place is everybody’s responsibility. Our goal is to create hope in the world. The only thing that heals wounds is forgiveness and love. This is one thing we are committed to doing.

“In rotary we find out what are the needs in any community. We will proffer solutions to those needs, no matter how little our support could be. Rotarians do not give up because they are people of action. 2023/2024 has been wonderful because of the people we work with. Our people have shown commitment to serving humanity.

“We started the year 2022 with cash crunch. There was no money in circulation. Feeding was difficult. We were scared if people could take care of themselves, let alone sharing what they have with others. But I tell you, Rotarians of district 9141 are superheroes. They never gave up hope.

“So, our action matters. Forgiveness is a virtue, if we don’t forgive one another, the world would be in chaos. We must forget the adage “an eye for an eye”. If we follow that adage we will make the world a blind place. We will all be in darkness.

“Rotarians have been able to provide service in the four states of our district. We have provided potable drinking water, supported education, maternal and child health, protected our environment by providing solar power to so many organisations and even traditional institutions. We have also supported the Nigeria police by building hostel for them in Rivers state.

“In Asaba, we have supported the health institution, in Warri, we built a physiotherapy centre that we handed over to the state government a few days ago. Rotarians are grateful people. Anybody who is ungrateful cannot get more. We urge Rotarians to continue to create hope and happiness in the world.”

According to Utebor, the siting of projects in any community does not follow political undertones, noting that it is a collective decision of members. He said even if the governor of the club wants the project in his community but the club decides otherwise, the governor bows to popular views.

He explained that within the one year of his leadership of the group, economic challenges and the Nigeria central bank monetary policy that led to rise of exchange rate were the biggest setback the club witnessed.

On issue of membership, he said rotary club is opened to all kinds of people as against the belief that the club is only opened to the elites and wealthy people in society.

“Anybody can join rotary club. It is for everybody. It is not an elite club. A petrol attendant, a petrol station manager, bankers, fashion designers, cooks and others can join rotary.

“Rotary gives you opportunity to dine and wine with the rich, poor, downtrodden and mighty in society. However, Rotary policy is that you must have something doing before you can join so that you can have the heart to help people around you,” Mr. Utebor stated