Home Economy What I will do when I eventually become DG of World Trade Organisation – Okonjo Iweala

What I will do when I eventually become DG of World Trade Organisation – Okonjo Iweala

What I will do when I eventually become DG of World Trade Organisation – Okonjo Iweala
23 Sep 2009 --- epa01871956 Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Managing Director of The World Bank listens to speakers during a panel discussion on the second day of the fifth annual Clinton Global Initiative in New York, New York, USA, on 23 September 2009. The annual meetings, which run from September 22 through 25, is led by Bill Clinton to address poverty, health, climate change, and other worldwide issues drawing activists and political leaders from around the world. EPA/RAMIN TALAIE --- Image by © RAMIN TALAIE/epa/Corbis

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, the aspiring director general for the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has hinted on what she will do when she eventually scales through as the director general of the organization.

Emerald News is reporting that Okonjo Iweala was nominated by President Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s candidate for the position. If she eventually wins, she will take over from the present director general, Robert Azevedo, who will be leaving office on August 31, 2020.

Although Egypt was not in support of Iweala’s nomination for the job, saying her nomination was coming late as the deadline for Africa nomination elapsed since November 29, 2019, the WTO posted on its website that nomination ends on July 8, 2020.

Okonjo Iweala was nominated by President Buhari on June 5, 2020. Her nomination was made public by Tolu ogunlesi, new media aide to President Buhari. The outgoing DG, Azevedo, has spent eight years as DG beginning from 2013 till August 2020.

The outgoing DG was supposed to remain in office till 2021 but he prefers stepping down earlier than the supposed time. This decision will make the election for the new DG come earlier than the scheduled time.

Azevedo, a Brazilian, is stepping down, a year ahead of the expiration of his tenure, supposedly to be August next year. The World Trade Organisation has been existing for the past 25 years.

Okonjo Iweala is a former Managing Director of World Bank and two time Nigeria’s minister of finance.

She was also board chairman of Gavi, the vaccine alliance which helps vaccinate half of the world’s children against deadly and debilitating diseases. She was also chairman of African Risk Capacity, a  specialized Agency of the African Union providing comprehensive sovereign disaster risk solutions to build capacity, climate resilience and food security.

In a post she made on twitter on Tuesday, she said she would reform and transform the World Trade Organisation when she scales through as the director general.

Her tweet reads: “Thanks to the FT for this important contribution and for highlighting my candidacy. The WTO must be reformed to work for the benefit of all its members.”

On seeing the tweet, many Nigerians poured encomium on her as a great woman of Nigeria.

Wisdom Iyekekpolo said: “Win it or not, you are a role model for Africans. You’re our pride and can point to you as an example at any time. I celebrate you and wish I can enhance your winning potentials. Best wishes”

Chinonyelum said: “Africans are proud of all your achievements. Unilaterally we support your candidacy. We are solidly behind you.Go Mama! Make us prouder!

Emmanuel Tambari said: “We are proud of you and in the same vein, thanks His Excellency President Buhari for your nomination. Together, we will all build a United Africa where Peace and justice shall reign.”

Okonjo Iweala, born on June 13, 1954, is a Nigerian economist and international development expert.